Monday, October 31, 2016

October Follow-Up

How did I do this month? 

Well, I feel okay about how this month went goal-wise. I could have done better, but I also still feel really good about the things that did get checked off. If anything, this month got me really thinking about my goals for next month and I'm already brainstorming my overarching goals and how I want to attempt to tackle them next year. I'm excited.'s a list of how I did. Let me know how you did, too!

*Prints (and frames) for "Faith Gallery Wall" (I've got the prints but getting them on the wall will have to happen next month)
*Learn to Use/Use Dehydrater for fruit
*Way to display JaiseAnn's artwork (ordered from a store on ETSY (I'll link when I get them on the wall--also next month)
*Curtain Rods 
*Quote for Living Room
*Quote for Kitchen (I got it, I just need to get it on the wall--next month hopefully)
*New Blinds
*Update 72 hour kits with new clothes and food (I do this every Fall conference weekend.)

*Print JaiseAnn's 1-2 Year Baby Book
*update JaiseAnn's baby book (I'm counting a few updates I made, but I need to set more specific goals next month)
*Intentional time each day (even when we are out and about) to sit down and play together (I feel pretty good about the progress I've made here) 
*Structured counting activity each week 
*Structured craft/themed activity each week
*Drive and picnic to see the leaves

*Go on a date night out (I have this one planned and so far Zach doesn't know about it and I am SO excited about it. I'll tell you when I report on these goals!!!)  (Oh my goodness you guys, this ended up being such a disappointment. I was so disappointed and then annoyed with myself for my disappointment. Ugh! I had heard that Steve Martin and Martin Short were coming to Boise just after Zach's birthday. I thought he'd love the show but when I looked up tickets, they were expensive. Like $125 for the nosebleeds expensive. I ended up trying to win and ACTUALLY WINNING tickets. I was so excited to give them to him for his birthday and then go to it the following week. I had been looking forward to it for over a month and the DAY OF THE SHOW, I found out it had been cancelled and wasn't set to reschedule. We had floor seats to this amazing show and I had been looking forward to it kinda ridiculously. So we had to replan at the very last minute (because my mom was watching JaiseAnn and wanted to still have her) and it ended up being a dud of a date night. I was in a really bad mood, we just went out to eat at a sandwich place and did a little shopping. Lame. It was really lame. And I was really sour about the whole thing. It was not my best moment.)
*Family date night (to corn maze)
*Do something special for Zach's birthday
*Intentional Date nights at home--preplanned each week 
*Make plans for our anniversary next month

*Experiment with making natural sugar things/reduce refined sugar intake
*No eating after JaiseAnn goes to bed
*Go to bed early one night per week
*Get hair cut (this is scheduled for the first week of November, so that kind of counts I assume?)
*Read 2 books at least (I think I finished 5 this month)
*Schedule and enjoy a massage

*Put up a new scripture to reflect on on the fridge
*Have FHE every week this month--just a five minute message (again, 50/50 on this goal-which is better than nothing)
*Scripture Study
*Create a conference schedule (see it here)

*Email about academic writing (thesis and article) (the amount of time I've put this off is ridiculous. I've been a bit lazy--and I've been enjoying reading a whole lot so that's not helping. I also have a new job thing that came unexpectedly at a weird time so I'm not sure about where this is going)
*Apply for a job I have on my radar
*Work on improving my skills 

What are some of your goals this month?

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