Sunday, December 4, 2016

How Did November Go?

*Bedroom makeover. (We've been saving for a new bed (part of the reason that I haven't been able to make purchases for other home things) and we have purchased the bed (more on that later). We hope to have it up the first week of November along with a few other changes to our room including a new headboard and a few prints on the walls. I will fill you in more when this is completed. (We have a new bed and new sheets--still more to come on those two things--but we do not have the other changes made yet.)

*Curtain Rod/Hang Curtains 

*JaiseAnn's art work display I bought ours from  HarperSaw (great quality/service)and Zach hung them in our living room. We have limited wall space, but I wanted to hang her stuff up to display somewhere other than the fridge. 

*Faith Wall 

*Update family pictures/frames

*Kitchen Print (I bought the print and it's in the frame. Zach failed at getting his part of this done this month.)

*Finish Christmas shopping (About 2 years ago I set a goal to be done by December 1st. I'm almost done with Zach's family but I still need to do my parents/brother's family and our immediate family-it's a big task. I'm up to the challenge, though. I really like having December to just focus on the magic and reverence of Christmas. 

*2 10 Minutes Quick Cleaning Sessions Per Day (The days that I do implement this, feel so much more productive and I feel so much better about my time management.)


*PLAY together DAILY

*Weekly--Counting activity (Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4) and craft (weeks 1, 2, 3,4)

*Bake together at least once--something pumpkin

*2 play dates


*Anniversary celebration (we gearing up to celebrate our 7th (we always go in on something we can enjoy together (depending on the budget) but haven't had the money since JaiseAnn was born. This year we got a bed so that makes up for all the years we went without.) We also have some fun plans for a weekend together.

*Do something special for Zach for anniversary (just because we go in on our gift together, I still want to do something special for him even if it's not a gift).

*Don't complain for an entire month. (This makes me sound awful, but I'm just being honest. This is something I need to work on. It's a lofty goal for me, but I've been really feeling the push to try it and see how things go if I don't try to control through complaining.)


*Get hair cut

*Schedule a massage

*No snacking (aside from a designated snack) after JaiseAnn goes to bed

*Go to bed early one night per week

*Read at least 2 books


*Start studying conference talks from my schedule (and buy a conference Ensign) (one week I did this)

*Go to the Temple (this is part of our anniversary weekend we have planned. I'm excited. It's been too long!) 

*New scripture on the fridge to reflect on

*PRAY! (I need to be better about this) (better but nowhere near 100%)


*Start teaching my course

*Come up with a schedule for teaching in December (what days I'll do what, etc.)

*Check on grad status--particularly my thesis status--by Nov. 15

*Email about thesis by 4th

Obviously November wasn't my month. Hopefully I can do better in December. 

How did you do last month?

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