Monday, December 5, 2016

One Little Word: December

On the one hand, I want to give December all I've got and leave the year off really putting my best effort forth. On the other hand, I am really excited about the goals I have in mind for next year and how I plan to tackle them. I'm ready to move forward while really simplifying this month to make it extra special.

I think I'm going to go the simplifying route. I really don't want to add a million things to my list on the fridge this month and try to be productive in other ways. I want to intentionally be present. I want to play with JaiseAnn and be kinder to Zach. I want to have more patience and to feel more peace.

I'm feeling really good with how I did this year. I've accomplished so much. I swear it feels like 2016 was my year. I started paying down debt, finished my Master's program including a thesis and I feel SO good about it. I started working from home in a way that fits my needs/schedule PERFECTLY. I have reached out and made some new friendships while drawing boundaries and removing myself from situations that weren't right for me. I've really learned the value of setting goals and making an active effort to achieve them. I feel that (for the most part) I'm a better person leaving this year than I was when it started--in countless ways. So let's do this. Let's MAKE December what I want it to be: simply, intentional, special, and peaceful.


*2 15 Minutes Quick Cleaning Sessions Per Day (The days that I do implement this, feel so much more productive and I feel so much better about my time management.)

*Clean kitchen and living room before bed every night (this helps the morning run so much smoother and I don't feel like I'm starting the day with a time deficit.)

*Play Christmas music and have Scentsy on every day


*PLAY together DAILY

*Enjoy the season with this girl as she is right now--read books, watch movies, bake cookies, play in the snow (if applicable), and just share in the magic of it all.


*Be kinder. (Give the benefit of the doubt, more forgiving, pray for him daily, don't complain, do nice things, be grateful.) 


*Honor my body (Gift myself with waking up each day feeling good and hopeful. I feel that most when I take the best care of myself. Being kind to my body may mean setting boundaries and that's okay.)


*Find ways to share my love of the Savior this month (go to the temple, participate in the #LighttheWorld advent, be kinder, etc.)


*Do my job but keep it simple this month. 

What are your goals for December? Are you giving it one final PUSH or are you stepping back and simplifying?

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